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iherbal Kashmiri Saffron – Super Mongra 2grm

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Benefits of Saffron:

  • May have anti-cancer properties.
  • Preventing nervous disorders
  • Helps in promoting weight loss
  • May promote memory retention
  • Helps to increase vitality
  • Protection against cold
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Saffron is an ancient and expensive herb. It contains antioxidant compounds which are found to reduce the risk of certain chronic conditions. iherbal Saffron is super-mogra saffron which have multiple health benefits. To produce our natural saffron, the part of the flower which catches pollen is painstakingly handpicked, cut from the white style and then carefully cured over heat to deepen the flavor. The medicinal properties of saffron make this a valuable ingredient worldwide. Modern research suggests that saffron can be used as an aphrodisiac, to prevent gas and to bring on menstruation.

Skin care benefits:

Protects against UV radiation. When it comes to skin health, protecting against ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one of the best things you can do.

Fights inflammation.

Promote learning memory:

Saffron is a mood booster. Stress can significantly impair our cognitive function, but saffron is an all-natural mood booster.


How to use Super Mogra Saffron:

Add a few strands to a cup of hot water or milk.


iherbal Saffron Farm Land, Kashmir

Iherbal saffron is directly produce from iherbal saffron farm land in pampore, Kashmir. The saffron threds of this flower are carefully hand picked by harvesters. The entire process is done by women farmers.

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1 review for iherbal Kashmiri Saffron – Super Mongra 2grm

  1. Neetu jasrotia

    Using this saffron in my culinary creations has elevated them to a whole new level. Whether it’s in a traditional rice dish like biryani or a creamy dessert like kheer, the iherbal Kashmiri Saffron adds a distinctive flavor profile that is both earthy and floral. A little goes a long way, as just a few threads can transform an entire dish.

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